Frequently asked questions

Q. Why is sleep important?
Q. How much sleep does the average person need?
Q. Can people make up for lost sleep during the week by sleeping in on weekends?
Q. Does the mattress affect how a person sleeps?
Q. What's the best mattress?
Q. Should I buy a firm or a soft mattress?
Q. What should people look for in a new mattress?
Q. Why Spring Mattresses?
Q. What is the significance of coils?
Q. Should I be concerned about bedding height?
Q. Will I get body impressions in my mattress? What can I do about them?
Q. What should people do to prepare for buying a new mattress?
Q. What is the best way to try a mattress?
Q. What are the benefits of a two-sided mattress?
Q. How can you tell when a mattress is "used up?"
Q. How often should mattresses be replaced? How long do they last?
Q. What should I do to prolong the life of my mattress?
Q. How and why do I rotate my bedding? How do I avoid body impressions in my mattress? How do      I maintain consistent comfort feel throughout the life of my bedding?
Q. What is important to look for when buying hospitality sleep systems?
Q. Do you carry specialty sizes?
Q. Cleaning Your Mattress: How do I clean my mattress?
Q. How to Clean a Mattress?