Night song - Pocketed Spring Mattress with Pillow Top

Night Song

Night Song, a pocketed spring mattress from Sobha Restoplus Spring Mattress with pillow top and one side/both side memory foam.

Description Specifications
Type of Spring Pocketed
Mattress Description One Side / Both Side Memory Foam and Pillow Top
Coil Count 25 per sq. ft.
Wire Diameter 2.0 mm
No. of Turns 6
Edge Support 4.0 mm. Steel Wire
Side Support “M” Springs of 4.0 mm Dia Wire
Tensile Strength of Wire 1550-1700 N/m2
Primary 80 GSM Poly Propylene Mesh
Secondary Cotton Felt 800-1000 GSM
Comfort Padding 10 mm PUF Layers – 32 Density
Quilt 35 mm thick Latex Foam (60 Density), 150 GSM DACRON Wadding + 2 Layers X 10 mm Peeled 14 Density PUF on both sides, Luxurious Track & Jump Pattern
Fabric Knitted Fabric (Polyester + Polypropylene) 250 GSM
Available in following Standard Heights 203 mm, 254 mm, 305 mm, 355 mm

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