Quality - From Core to Cover

  • Every element constituting a Sobha Restoplus spring mattress is manufactured in-house, so there is complete control over quality.

  • Springs, the most essential element in the mattresses, are created from the finest, most resilient steel using state-of-the-art machinery that can manufacture up to 120 springs a minute.

  • Each spring is heat treated, ensuring that the entire grid stays firm and buoyant regardless of the amount of weight exerted on it.

  • The grid is then strengthened with layers of insulation as well as padding materials, and cocooned in quilted patterns of soft Royal Belgian Damask fabric.

  • Once a batch of mattresses is ready, we pick one at random and put it through a Cornell Type Mattress Tester from Leggett & Platt, USA, that simulates 5 to 10 years of wear and tear on it.

  • Should the mattress pass the test, we know that it is ready to be owned by you.