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Manus Aktteva, takes pride in fulfilling your requirements for Home Furnishings, “Hard” Furniture and Fittings & “Soft” Furniture – Spring Mattresses and Furniture Upholstery. The new division aims at serving the Indian user base for their “Hard” & “Soft” Furniture Solutions from excellent and reliable manufacturers.

While the list of the currently hot products of the Industry facilitated by MANUS AKTTEVA is reflected on the website, We wish to state that anyone interested in sourcing any special products pertaining to their requirement for Home Furnishings, “Hard” Furniture and Fittings & “Soft” Furniture – Spring Mattresses and Furniture Upholstery and feels it is difficult for early completion of tasks, please call on us and TEST US TO GET THE BEST OF US.

Pleasure will be ours to serve you PROMPTLY, EFFICIENTLY and COMPETITIVELY.

P.S.: You may please send us a sourcing request on for the specific product and we shall come back to you promptly.

If you find that your need is immediate please call us on +91 987916 7919 or +91 99798 66376 or call us on +91 79 26463394 / +91 79 26463395

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