Spring Mattress Base

Bases can be of two types: Platform Base & Spring Base


The wooden frame is constructed using KILN DRIED BEECH WOOD from Germany ~ with stabilized moisture content. This prevents fungal formation on the wood, which in turn causes stains on the fabric.

  • High quality notched grid-tops
  • Border frame for added support
  • Single cone type coils
  • Notched coil tops
  • The WEB LOK modules utilize increased working wire for a more active spring surface
  • This allows a PLUSH FEEL without sacrificing proper support

Bed Base Cover:

The ticking is FIRE RETARDANT, designed and tested specifically for the hospitality industry, and meets the cigarette ignition test for mattress ticking – British Standards BS 7177, simultaneously with ignition source “O” (Cigarettes).
The ticking has anti-microbial protection against development of fungi and bacteria.

Dust Cover:

The bottom of the bed base is covered by a 50 gsm spun bonded polypropylene fabric, and is stapled to the perimeter of the frame.

Corner Guards:

Plastic corner guards are stapled to each of the frames protecting the foundation frame from tear and damage.

Castors / Supports:

Castors are provided on the head side, while supports are provided in the centre and toe side of the base.

Base Joining Strips:

Bases in the sizes of 180 cms X 200 cms or above are made of 2 equal sized bases, and are joined together with a joining strip to keep them firmly in position.

How important is a Base for a Mattress;

Base is like a foundation for a mattress. Just like a good building needs a good foundation, a mattress needs a supporting base. However beautiful the building may be, if the foundation is bad, the building is bound to fail. Similarly, however good the mattress may be, in order to function well, it has to be supported by a good base.

Comparison between Bonnel Coil Spring Base and Weblock Spring Base:

Bonnel Coil Spring Base Web Lock Spring Base
Seldom used. Widely used
Bonnel Coils-Suitable for use in mattress. Not suitable for use in base Specially made for use in base
Locally made Imported from Leggett & Platt USA
Does not support the mattress Supports the mattress ideally-Support & Flexibility at defined points.
Tends to generate noise and collapse on usage Prolongs the life of mattress by supporting it “ideally”.