Ultimate - Pocketed Spring Mattress with Pillow Top


Ultimate, a pocketed spring mattress from Sobha Restoplus Spring Mattress with both side pillow top.

Description Specifications
Type of Spring Pocketed
Mattress Description Both Side Pillow Top
Coil Count 25 per sq. ft.
Wire Diameter 2.0 mm
No. of Turns 6
Edge Support 4.0 mm. Steel Wire
Side Support “M” Springs of 4.0 mm Dia Wire
Tensile Strength of Wire 1550-1700 N/m2
Primary 80 GSM Poly Propylene Mesh
Secondary Cotton Felt 800-1000 GSM
Comfort Padding 10 mm PUF Layers – 32 Density
Quilt 150 GSM DACRON Wadding + 2 Layers X 10 mm Peeled 14 Density PUF on both sides, Luxurious Track & Jump Pattern
Fabric Knitted Fabric (Polyester + Polypropylene) 250 GSM
Available in following Standard Heights 203 mm, 254 mm, 305 mm, 355 mm

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